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NYC Artist Theodore Boyer


BCAFirst of all I wanted to say how excited we are to have you as our first featured artist for the agency

And allowing us to showcase your talents.

TB:Thanks!  I’m grateful to have the opportunity


BCA: Where are you from originally and where did you grow up?

TB:I was born in San Clemente California and was adopted by a family who raised me in Long Beach.  I spent most of my upbringing there.

BCA: At what age did you start making art and how did it begin? what influenced you as you began to develop as an artist?

TB: My earliest work was an image I copied from a ghost busters t shirt I owned in kindergarten.  I was always interested in graphic pop culture  imagery and symbology.  Think those core concepts of image making still transcend my work.

BCA:When did you move to NYC and how has living in NY influenced your work? Do you feel it has made you grow more as an artist  ?

TB:I moved to New York in early 2006.  The city has profoundly influenced my work on many levels.  Lots of my inspiration is drawn from the architecture, sub culture and mysticism that surrounds New York.  Its funny to me when you see a building, or neighborhood that has been totally transformed from a filthy, grimy shithole into some luxury condominium, whole foods habitat.  People skawk at that kind of thing but its just the way this city works – It’s Cyclical.  The one true thing that I find is that if you’re looking for something in New York, you’ll find it.  The city has taught me a lot.  It’s really about having conviction and believing that something you’re doing is right, because at the end of the day that’s all there is.  It’s a constant learning experience here and I hope it remains that way as long as I’m around.

BCAI know you just recently had a opening The “future/present” Installation. What was the      

                 inspiration behind it and where was it held?


TB: “Future/Present” was a follow up to a show called “Alien Interviews: We’ve Made Contact”.  The work was exhibited at Guillaume Daeppen Gallery in Base in 2011.  Inspiration for the narrative comes from Philip K. Dick, HG Wells, Aleister Crowley to name a few.  I’m fascinated with the occult symbolism and I try to incorporate some element of that into all of my work.  Future/Present comes from the idea that in the future we (terrestrials) experience a profound enlightenment that was brought on by a cosmic cataclysm.  The relief pieces are a representation of archeological artifacts from the future. The photographic collages are portraits taken of the extra terrestrial beings that re inhabited the planet and introduced us to the “cosmic knowledge” of our universe.  Kind of my own spin on some of the Edgar Casey prophecies.

BCA: Very nice work! What are your plans for the next chapter of work? will you be gracing us in LA

with a opening sometime in the near future?


TB: At the moment I Just finished up a project for a group show “Pirate Radio” in Miami Basel and I’m working on some new sculptures for Works and Days online publication.  I’d love to show in LA,  at the moment I don’t have anything scheduled but there has definitely been talk about a show.  If an interesting project presents itself ill be there.

BCA: Thank you for allowing us to get a little insight on your work and yourself. Anything you would like

to say or mention to our audience? We will keep an eye on your future work and talents.

 TB: Knowledge is the currency of the future, never stop knowing.

Visit: www.theodoreboyer.com  To see more of his Artwork.

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